Land Cruiser Jib

photo by PBmedia

At a house in Mammoth where some friend's were staying, there was a 1970's Toyota Land Cruiser with a plow buried in snow. We saw it and knew what had to be done. It had been hit at least once before, but there were only 1 or 2 photos from a point and shoot from it. We started to set it up and Chelsea said I should take a time lapse. I had my camera and remote so I thought I might as well. Everything else was across town so I had to use a beer box and a stick on the deck to hold my camera up through the deck rail. After a few frames, the camera slipped a little, but it worked out.

The next night there was a party at the house. We waited until it was dark, at 1am, before we put our boots on, and I setup lights & flashes. Jarod hit it first. The speed and lip were just right so he kept hitting it. We both realized he needed to get a spin onto it get the best shot, so he faced my angle. Chelsea went up the run-in and strapped in. She came up to the lip with enough speed, but didn't quite pop enough... ..Check out shot #4 in the gallery. She hit her knee on the roof and had some blood on her face. We put everything in the garage and were off to the Mammoth ER thanks to Lauren and her car. Only one person could go in with her, so I gave Jarod my camera (he took shot #8 and #9). It turned out she messed up her knee pretty good. We finally got back at about 3am and everyone passed out.

I hope you have a quick recovery Chelsea!

setup timelapse:
gallery: 11.05.18 - Land Cruiser Jibbing


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